Fahad Huq

Changing Energy Usage Trends in North America, Europe, and Asia


Over the past three decades, the global market has shift tremendously following a production and consumer boom the likes of which have never been seen. The United States has seen China, Japan, India, and Russia rise to become economic superpowers. Of these nations, China and India have had the most rapid economic growth, and with their economic powers expanding, so has their energy usage. Greenhouse gas emissions have steeply increased in the past three decades. Over 32 trillion metric tons of Carbon Dioxide were released in 2012 by the international community. almost 13 trillion tons came from the United States, China, and India (EIA, 2014). These global economic superpowers are essential to determining the future of earth’s climate. Their actions to curb emissions will have a slow start, but expectations from current pledges show a better world ahead.

Key Words: Coal, China, India, United States, Europe, Enegry production, GDP, Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Industrialization.

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